Whilst internet retailing to expand

It’s also becoming more competitive than ever to sell online. In 2015, According to a survey done by ThisDay, a Nigerian-based business news website, the country’s leading online stores achieve about $2 million worth
of transactions per week (approximately N1.5bn per month).

These figures rose to 15,000 orders daily, with market size valued at $550 million (N88 billion). the sector is expected to be worth US$13 billion in 2018 according to a new report.

It’s a massive opportunity, but creating an eCommerce website isn’t the same as creating a profitable and successful eCommerce business.

Successful eCommerce is complex and requires

a number of key elements working together in order to deliver real success. Challenges can include:

  • Creating a profitable pricing model;
  • Developing knowledge and understanding of target customers;
  • Identifying and managing appropriate digital marketing strategies;
  • Delivering market-leading customer service and experience;
  • Operational issues such as staffing, distribution and logistics.


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